Our name – Green Fusion – embodies a vibrant perspective. We believe that infusing sustainability initiatives is not just the right thing to do, but also makes a good business sense. With the goal of achieving sustainable development in mind, we commit to:

  • Transparency and integrity

We prioritize and attach great importance in promoting ethical behavior in all our operations; and are committed to undertake business in compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations.

  • Social responsibility

At GFL our greatest stakeholders are the environment and the local communalities we work with.  We understand that we have a responsibility to the society and that’s why the social responsibility forms an integral part of our working culture

  • Inclusiveness

Our greatest pillar is build on people’s strength; we anchor on the human rights based approach to development in order to promote stakeholders’ ownership & long term sustainability

  • Partnerships & Collaborations

We build partnerships and collaboration between multiple stakeholders to ensure a prosperous and sustainable economy

  • Globalization to Localization

We are compelled by global sustainability benchmarks but act locally as we understand that no one solution fits all

  • Sustainability

We understand the undeniable need to reconcile the long-term sustainability goals with short-term results and that’s why we focus on both the journey ahead and value delivery now