Assessment Impacts (AIs)

The company undertakes AIs which are tools which concerns better and informed policy & decision-making to assess effects of decisions before they are taken through systematic steps such as problem definition, policy options and mitigation efforts. Depending on the requirement, this takes different sectoral form such as business, social and health IAs.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA); which considers environmental effects of projects identified and assessed before decision is taken

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA); undertaken on plans and programmes which are likely to have a significant effect on the environment. The aim is to inform the decision making process in a way which will ensure more sustainable and effective solutions.

Sustainability Impact Assessment (SIA); All the three pillars of sustainable development are integrated into one assessment procedure upon which the interdependence of dimensions is analysed before decisions are taken. It considers systematic and iterative process of the likely economic, social and environmental impacts of policies, plans, programmes and strategies enabling stakeholders concerned to participate proactively.

Cleaner Production Assessment (CPA); is the continuous application of an integrated, preventive, environmental strategy applied to processes, products and services to increase overall efficiency and reduce risks to humans and the environment. It is important in the drive towards a greener economy

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA); is a tool that allows companies to evaluate the level of environmental impact produced by their services or products.